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Keith Batten
Keith Batten FRICS Reg Val

The practice is headed by Keith Batten, a Chartered Surveyor with 25+ years post-qualification experience - an expert in home surveys and asset management work across Dyfed.

Keith upholds strict ethical and practical standards. As a surveyor, Keith also has the experience to provide reliable, accurate and expert reports on any and all defects.

A little background on Milford Haven:

Milford Haven is a large town in Pembrokeshire, probably best known for its Oil Refineries and being one of the largest producers of Liquified Natural Gas in the world. The town has a number of fascinating structures including Fort Hubberstone, a grade II* listed building that was built in the 1860's to form a line of defence. There are just a few buildings in the town that exist from before the official foundation date of 1790 - these include the Medieval Priory and the 12th century Beacon Chapel.

Milford Haven harbour
Milford Haven harbour

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